Restoring Our Communities

The Fifteen Point Plan is designed to cover every aspect of the district and provide a general understanding of my stance on the issues


We must ensure that every child has equal access to a quality education across our state.


  • Expand funding for public schools including opportunities for STEAM

  • Increase funding for the HOPE Scholarship and establish a needs based scholarship

  • Continue to expand on the work of the state to increase teacher pay in public schools  

  • Institute programs aimed at post secondary education and/or technical skill training

  • Increase access to Pre-K for all students regardless of socioeconomic status

  • Create a study on the affordability of the public colleges, universities and technical schools  

  • Lowering the cap on class sizes to improve the educational opportunities for all students  

  • Increase funding for the arts, music, and extracurricular activities


We must allow Georgians to have the required access to help improve quality of life.


  • Increase Georgia minimum wage from $5.15 to $10.10; Increase tipping wage from $2.13 to $5.75 with a plan to increase wages by $0.50 every five years

  • Implement equal pay-equal work standards

  • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit to ensure equal pay and access to affordable childcare

  • Increase protections for rights or organized labor

  • Work to increase the rights protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Increase workforce training opportunities for Georgia’s most at-risk workers


We must work to build a strong transportation system to ensure affordable access for more Georgians


  • Increase funding for public transportation projects in the metro area

  • Expanding treatment for road and bridge maintenance to reduce potholes and cracks in pavement along state roads and highways

  • Increase opportunities for alternative transportation methods

  • Focus on expansion of mass transit and improvement of MARTA services throughout metro atlanta, including expanding heavy or light rail to the west

  • Increase education for T-SPLOST opportunities


Access to a quality healthcare system is not a privilege, but a right each Georgian deserves


  • Expand Medicaid to coverage of all applicable Georgians

  • Increase funding for community health centers and clinics to make them more affordable

  • Find ways to cut costs for everyday Georgians allowing access to a quality system of healthcare

  • Fight the ever-growing opioid epidemic by passing legislation that better regulates usage


We must work to increase equity and efficiency in the Justice system by implementing alternatives for low-level offenders but hold serious offenders accountable.


  • Reducing racial profiling of minorities by equipping officers with body cameras and increasing training of all officers, particularly those placed in minority communities

  • Restore sentencing power to judges removing mandatory minimums and sentencing requirements

  • Decrease imprisonments for economic dependency due to fine/bail system

  • Expanding educational opportunities throughout our prison system to ensure that inmates rejoin society and have gainful employment after their sentence is completed

  • Decriminalize possession/use of marijuana throughout Georgia so that our justice system can focus on more violent offenders


Ensuring that our natural resources maintain our protection and increasing support for broader protections


  • Increase dependency on solar and work with PSC to end dependency on nuclear/wasteful power generators

  • Increase funding for local stormwater and flooding system

  • Implement new regulatory procedures from environmental degradation and protect water, air and land from pollution

  • Prevent offshore drilling

  • Increase funding for alternative transportation methods


We must do all that we can to protect our elections as voters are the fundamental necessity to any successful democracy


  • Ensuring that as many Georgians have access to the ballot box

  • Expanding access to early & absentee voting

  • Creating a path where Georgians can vote at any precinct in their county

  • Creating common sense legislation that allow access to the ballot box regardless of race, ethnicity, income level, or gender

  • Reviewing election policy with Secretary of State officials to ensure that all Georgians have access to voting

  • Working with organizations dedicated to registering and educating voters in Georgia


All Georgians should be able to live, work and play in their communities without having to focus on increased rent and property taxes forcing them out


  • Create legislation that targets developers with predatory practices

  • Ensure that longtime residents are not priced out of their communities by working with developers to include affordable options in new construction

  • Working with state and county officials to make sure that property taxes are not inflated

  • Creating a rent-to-income based pathway that includes funding as incentives for developers building affordable options for single family homes and apartment complexes

  • Ensuring that seniors on fixed incomes have the opportunity to remain in their homes


No matter what you look like, where you come from, who you praise, or who you love, I will fight for equal opportunities for all Georgians


  • Oppose any and all religious freedom legislation aimed at discriminating against Georgia’s marginalized communities

  • Working to pass an Equal Rights Amendment which would provide for the legal equality of any sex and prohibit harrassment and discrimination on the basis of sex

  • Passing Georgia’s version of the CROWN Act - legislation aimed at banning discrimination of natural hair and hair protective coverings

  • Create comprehensive civil rights legislation aimed at protecting Georgia’s most marginalized communities by fighting against discrimination or segregation on the basis of race, sex, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or gender identity


Fighting against Republican interests on the local, state, and national levels that aim to strip women of their constitutional right to choose


  • Fight against legislation like Georgia’s Heartbeat bill that attempts to limit women’s access to all forms of reproductive healthcare including legislation that criminalizes decision making for women who choose to abort

  • Working with insurance companies by advocating for affordable insurance coverage for reproductive health care throughout Georgia

  • Ensuring Georgia’s women receive accurate medical information and are educated on their choices as well as the resources available to them so that they can make informed decisions about their health and the health of their children

  • Actively reaching out to advocate groups aimed at preventing further attempts to limit reproductive freedom


Our state must work toward providing safe, respectful maternal health care for all women, particularly women of color.


  • Advancing legislation that promotes safe and respectful maternal health care by ensuring safe pregnancies and births for Georgia’s women

  • Ensuring that women receive affordable quality health care in their neighborhoods through culturally competent, community-based models of care

  • Removing barriers for women's access to quality care due to race, income level, socio-economic status or zip code

  • Fighting against structural racial discrimination in our health care system that continue poor maternal health outcomes for women


Legalizing sports betting in Georgia in order to fund other state initiatives and increasing state revenue


  • Promote the education of sports gambling and create legislation that places the issue on the ballot via referendum for citizens to decide

  • Advance legislation that includes specific language that creates opportunity zones for multiple industries including sports, equestrian, and casino gambling across the state

  • Create a pathway for sports gambling to increase revenue for the HOPE Scholarship, a needs based scholarship, and scholarships aimed at technical/trade education

  • Removing sports betting and gambling from the dark corners of society in order to create forms of revenue for the state to utilize


Every Georgian should have the opportunity to achieve success through hard work and a good paying job


  • Increasing opportunities for job training and education to spur job growth throughout the district and the state

  • Creating legislation that rewards businesses for investing in new, sustainable technologies that have proven to create jobs and increase wages for workers

  • Working with businesses to ensure that their hiring policies are aimed at retaining the hardest working individuals by offering competitive pay structures

  • Establishing a program that helps create new ideas and businesses for minority owners by providing them with the educational resources to be successful


We must work toward a safer state where our children aren’t focused on learning active shooter drills and gun owners are responsible citizens


  • Advancing legislation that requires gun owners to have proper training as well as background checks prior to weapon ownership

  • Implement legislation that bans bump stocks and requires magazine capacity restrictions - Pass legislation that protects individuals intimidated by their partners using weapons in situations involving domestic violence abuse

  • Creating “red flag” legislation that allow judges/police to temporarily confiscate firearms from an individual who is a danger to him/herself or others

  • Ensuring that constituents feel safe in their homes and communities from gun violence


I am a strong believer in maintaining and preserving our history. However, our government facilities and public parks are not the place for these remembrance items. These are gathering places for families, children, and the community. Any statue or fixture that is located in a public place should be relocated to a museum so that it is properly maintained and preserved for the duration of history.


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